Law Society release advertising campaign supporting regulated law professionals

Law Society release advertising campaign supporting regulated law professionals

This month marks the launch of The Law Society’s latest advertising campaign, which is aimed at promoting the use of regulated law professionals, to the public. The slogan Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor will remind consumers to call-upon solicitors for law advice concerning significant life events, including buying and selling houses or setting up a businesses.

A representative of The Law Society has claimed the campaign quickly portrays the right message. It also adheres to their apparent humorous and attention-grabbing style, following last year’s controversial personal injury campaign Don’t get mugged by and insurer — use a solicitor.

President of The Law Society, Andrew Caplen says, Our latest campaign reminds the public that highly qualified, professionally trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.

Using a solicitor gives you the assurance you are dealing with a professional who is properly regulated and insured.

The advertisements will focus on 6 key areas of the law sector, including:

  • Conveyancing
  • Personal Injury
  • Wills and Probate
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law

Various strategies will be used for promotion to the public such as PR, social media, video and print – which are reported to be costing around £400,000.

The main advertising displays will be set up within train stations and on buses across the largest cities in the country — London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool will all play a part in the campaign, as well as online television catch-up channels.

Members of The Law Society will be given access to an exclusive e-pack, allowing firms to customise posters with their logo and contact details. Professionals will also be encouraged to submit case studies to support ones used by The Law Society, to highlight the benefits of using regulated law professionals.

In addition to this new campaign, the society have also released details of their interim Chief Executive, who will be standing in until the appointment of permanent replacement, Catherine Dixon. Current Chief Executive of the NHS Litigation Authority, Dixon will take the place of recently retired Mr Hudson, come January.

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