Law firms take SRA's A Question of Trust campaign into office

Law firms take SRA's A Question of Trust campaign into office

The SRA’s interactive ‘A Question of Trust’ campaign has caught the attention of law firms, with a number asking the regulator for help to explore the issues with their staff.

The campaign, which runs through to the end of January, gives everyone a chance to have their say about what action should be taken when solicitors fall short of professional standards.

It is all part of the SRA’s focus on issues of trust and professional principles, what action the regulator should take when things go wrong and what factors we should be taking into account.

Over the course of the campaign, the SRA is hosting around 30 events across England and Wales seeking views of the profession and the public through live voting sessions. Those who attend are asked to vote on how seriously they view different situations where solicitors’ actions – either at work or in their private lives – call trust into question.

Following the call for a ‘firm friendly’ version, the SRA has today produced a toolkit to guide law firms through 15 scenarios including examples of a solicitor embellishing their CV, being caught fare dodging on a train, and acting for an important client, despite a clear conflict of interest.

Jane Malcolm, SRA’s Executive Director of External Affairs, said: “The Question of Trust campaign has really captured the profession’s imagination and we have had a lot of interest in the interactive voting sessions.

“A number of firms said they would like to take their staff through some of the scenarios we raise and asked if we could help them to do so. I think it’s a great idea and we are very happy to support with our new toolkit.

“We hope that everyone enjoys talking through the scenarios and finds it a useful and thought-provoking exercise.”

The toolkit provided to legal firms is available online at:

The campaign is supported by an online survey open to all at:

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