Land Registry needs you to be alert

Land Registry needs you to be alert

At a recent Land Registry Stakeholder meeting, it was revealed that only 27,000 people had signed up for Land Registry Property Alerts; a free service helping people to protect against fraud.

This excellent fraud prevention tool is free, quick, and easy to use, and will make a difference in time as more properties are protected by it.

Where a client or lawyer visits the website and adds their details and those of the property, they will receive alerts when any changes are made on that title, meaning if the activity is not expected they can react immediately.

The service may be of particular use to buy-to-let landlords, given that buy–to-let properties are particularly vulnerable to fraud.

For lawyers as well, there will be situations where it could prove helpful when needing to protect their client’s properties. Such as:

  • Empty properties, in particular probate properties, or where a client has moved to a home are vulnerable.
  • Where there is an application for a Court of Protection order, as pending the Order being granted it is difficult to register an appropriate restriction.
  • People with Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs).
  • Matrimonial lawyers may want to be alerted if the property is in 1 name only.
  • Litigators may want to be aware if a property is being sold if they are still in the process of getting a charging order, etc.

Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) would recommend all buyers be informed of the service when they receive the new registered title, as they may then take action rather than finding out their situation has changed before they move.

CILEx is promoting the use of the service to members and through posting information online.

Go to to see more about the service

To learn more about CILEx, or how to apply for independent practice rights in conveyancing, visit

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