Land Registry give further detail on consultation

Land Registry give further detail on consultation

Land Registry have provided Today’s Conveyancer with further comments on their recently released proposals which may result in electronic documents replacing paper property deeds.

By amending the Land Registration Rules 2003, the plans within the consultation will enable conveyancing to occur entirely through electronic means.

In a response to Today’s Conveyancer, Land Registry stated that the proposed amendments were key in moving forward with their Business Strategy as well as enabling them to create services which are able to meet the developing needs of users.

“This is not a radical review of the Land Registration Rules 2003. The proposed rule amendments are the minimum we think needed to enable us to pursue our new Business Strategy, pending the outcome of the Law Commission review of the Land Registration Act 2002 in the Law Commission’s Twelfth Programme of Work.

“The proposed changes will allow Land Registry to build digital services in response to user need, and in doing so, allow for the possibility of fully digital conveyancing documents with e-signatures over time. Without the changes, conveyancing would have to rely on paper deeds.

“This is part of our commitment towards digital transformation and in line with the Autumn Statement announcement that:

Following consultation the government has decided that HM Land Registry should focus on becoming a more digital data-driven registration business, and to do this will remain in the public sector. Modernisation will maximise the value of HM Land Registry to the economy, and should be completed without a need for significant Exchequer investment“.

“We welcome and encourage a good response from our customers and the public.”


Responses to the Land Registry consultation must be received by the 5 April.

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