Judge Spotlight: Simon Brown

Judge Spotlight: Simon Brown

Judging awards ceremonies can often be a thankless task. But without the support of the people who spend hours toiling away reviewing the submissions, the awards simply would not happen.

On behalf of Today’s Conveyancer and Headline Sponsor Dye & Durham, we are incredibly grateful to all our judging panel who we are showcasing through this short series of articles in the run up to The British Conveyancing Awards 2022.

If the 2021 ceremony was about recognising all those in the industry who have helped people move home during the most challenging year the conveyancing industry has perhaps ever seen, the focus for the 2022 ceremony is on where the industry is going.

Against a backdrop of a flatter market, increasing on and offline fraud risks, PII, the balance of flexible working and continued digitisation practitioners face new and evolving challenges.

So how do we set about judging an industry which is now looking ahead to what 2022 and beyond brings? It was a question we put to Simon Brown from ESTAS as they prepare to assess the submissions.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do.

ESTAS is a customer review and awards platform for property professionals (Conveyancers, agents and brokers). Customer reviews (submitted at the end of the home moving process) on our platform power the annual ESTAS Awards which highlight exceptional service delivered by property firms.

Why did you choose to support The British Conveyancing Awards (again) in 2022?

I think the work carried out by conveyancers is completely undervalued especially in the frantic market we have experienced over the last 18 months. It’s conveyancers that make sure transactions reach completion so its crucial we reward their efforts.

What do you think the biggest challenges and opportunities are for conveyancers in 2022 and beyond?

Biggest challenge – winning business as the heat comes out of the market. Biggest opportunity – adopting technology to make the processes quicker and easier.

In your day to day role, what have you seen from law firms that has stood out for you in terms of innovation or adaptation in the “new normal?”

For me in my day to day role running a review platform it’s seeing some firms adapt to using reviews and social media to develop their ‘brand’ and win new business on the back of it.

Why do you think firms should enter the British Conveyancing Awards?

As we run our own awards I understand how motivational it can be for teams to be reward for all their hard work. I also think the process of writing a submission can be valuable in assessing your own achievements and not underestimating them.

Which of this years categories stand out for you and why?

For me it has to be “Customer Service Champion”. We’re in a service based sector and we are judged by customers on the service we deliver.

What are you looking for in the submissions and what differentiates a winning entry from the rest?

It’s difficult to say as the categories are very different but the key for me is to keep the submission clear and easy to understand and ensure you have evidence to back up your claims.

Thank you to Simon Brown from ESTAS for their support for The British Conveyancing Awards 2022.

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