Its conveyancing but not as we know it Jim …

Its conveyancing but not as we know it Jim …

So — the SRA are looking this week at how they can contain the continuing damage which conveyancing is doing not only to PI Insurers but to the reputation of the profession..
I wonder why anyone in their right mind is still doing conveyancing out there sometimes. It seems that we are being hit by lenders panels, death by accreditation, reduced margins and our own regulator who clearly would rather none of us did conveyancing at all — is it any wonder that some firms of solicitors are giving up the ghost and hanging up their conveyancing boots ?

But — and it’s a big but — strange as it may sound there are firms out there who not only see conveyancing as a core part of their present and future offerings but are building their market share and doing rather well out of it all.

How do they do it ?
They do it precisely because they do see conveyancing as a core part of their business and set out therefore to do it well  and do it profitably. A modern conveyancer is well resourced, uses IT Technology to help them with the administrative aspects of the job ( and there are such aspects ) but also makes sure  that they employ the right level of specialist skills to ensure that the service is professional in its full sense. Going forward these firms are  the ones which will continue to gain market share —they are seen by 3rd party providers that they are fit for purpose, want the work and will be commercial in their approach as well as professional.
There are opportunities out there in the conveyancing world — but you have to be brave and be prepared to set your stall out — like anything in life if you do it half hearted you will not succeed — and if you do nothing you are just like the ostrich who buries its head in the sand and gets its backside kicked in the process.
The choice is yours — no one elses.

Eddie Goldsmith, Chairman of the Conveyancing Association

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