IPSA Members Help Streamline Conveyancing Process

IPSA Members Help Streamline Conveyancing Process

Whilst last week’s announcement regarding the extension of the SDLT holiday was welcomed by many, the news was not universally applauded.   Countless conveyancing firms have been stretched to their limits over recent months and were looking towards April as a time to be able to reflect, regroup and revitalise their exhausted teams.

IPSA Searches, a recently launched brand falling under the umbrella of IPSA (the Association of Independent Personal Search Agents), is uniquely placed to comment as its member firms work with conveyancing firms both large and small throughout England and Wales.  Heather Poole-Gleed, one of IPSA’s Directors, stated:

“Our members are reporting considerable backlogs within the conveyancing process in some areas – largely due to the pure volume of cases being processed in anticipation of the end of the SDLT holiday which now won’t happen until the end of June.  For example, I have heard of cases whereby conveyancers are being quoted 6 to 8 week turnaround times for local searches in areas where our members can provide them in less than a week.  The only plausible reason for this is that some of the larger search firms have taken on more cases than they are able to handle”.

By working with IPSA Searches, conveyancers have access to their own local search expert – an independent local firm that, through the IPSA Searches Network, also has access to local search experts throughout England and Wales.

IPSA Chairman, Andrew Prismall, reported:

“IPSA are proud to work with our members, providing them with support and enabling them to learn first-hand about new products and enhancements available to their clients.  We have recently completed a 5 week series of webinars which gave members the opportunity to hear directly from some of the largest providers of conveyancing information in the industry”.

During recent months, several search firms have been acquired by large Australian and Canadian firms.  When asked about this, Heather Poole-Gleed commented:

“Now, more than ever, we should all be trying to Buy British and Support Local – by using IPSA Searches, Conveyancers can do this whilst also becoming more efficient and saving money!”.

The website, www.ipsasearches.co.uk, details some of the many benefits of working with a local IPSA member firm and also helps conveyancers to find the company nearest to their location using a mapping function.

All IPSA members are registered with, and regulated by, the Property Codes Compliance Board, and any products provided by members comply with the Search Code and other industry-wide recognised accreditations.  All members’ products and services are covered by at least £2million indemnity.

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