Interview with Paul Albone, Managing Director of tmgroup

Interview with Paul Albone, Managing Director of tmgroup

Today (Monday 30th November) tmgroup launches its rebrand. Managing Director, Paul Albone, told Jane Common at Today’s Conveyancer why he’s so excited about the launch…

Why is tm rebranding?

“The launch of our rebrand is an exciting moment in the growth and development of tmgroup. Refreshing the brand is more than just a new logo and a lick of paint – it’s about highlighting who tmgroup are today, what we stand for as a business, and why we do what we do.”

What message is the rebrand trying to get across?

“When we took a step back and really examined what differentiates us from other companies, we realised that what sets us apart is our people and our technology. The rebrand was about shining a light on that so our message is “we make time for you” and we do that by listening to people and responding quickly – also by literally ‘making time’ through smart, time-saving solutions we make life easier for all involved in the property transaction.”

What will the rebrand mean for customers?

“Hopefully it will help our customers to appreciate the wide range of services we offer, over and above property searches which, as the market leader, we are best known for.

“The fact that we now work with conveyancers, estate agents, lenders and home buyers/sellers, shows just how much of the property transaction we are involved in and it’s our mission to further streamline processes for everyone involved.

“One of the main drivers for the rebrand was to define the three distinct channels through which our customers benefit from our expertise and service.

“tmconvey for example is our award-winning conveyancing platform, providing more property searches than any other provider. It also includes integrated insurance services, our Quote Conversion Tool and risk management tools.

“tmcore is our online property data hub which helps local authorities and other search providers streamline their operations, save time and reduce costs.

“And tmconnect is a platform used by the various parties involved in a property transaction to access and share information on its progress. It has handled over 120,000 transactions in 2015 and we’re adding more services to it every month.”

Which design partners did tm work with on the rebrand; how long a process was it and did all the staff have input?

“We’ve worked with two external agencies during the development of the new brand but primarily the end product is a result of input from staff and customers.

“The process took more than a year as we spoke to customers, studied market research and held countless internal workshop sessions and surveys to get a completely holistic perspective of tmgroup.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results and believe that it much better represents who we are in 2015 and beyond.”

What do you think the rebrand will mean for tm going forward?

“Our mission is to make the property transaction quicker, easier and safer for the benefit of all and this rebrand recalibrates our journey. To that end, we expect to see a lot of collaboration between different sectors of the property market which will help us achieve our ultimate goal.”

The new brand goes live today: how are you celebrating as a company?

“This morning, we’ll be welcoming our staff with a breakfast brand launch party to recognise the hard work that every member of the team continues to devote to tmgroup. But our customers can rest assured that normal service will be resumed with a slightly bigger spring in our step.

“We are also showcasing our new brand at the Annual Conveyancing Association meeting and dinner which we are sponsoring, so we hope to see you there.”

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