How UPRNs can speed up conveyancing

How UPRNs can speed up conveyancing

The Today’s Conveyancer Podcast: how Unique Property Reference Numbers can speed up conveyancing – click HERE to listen to the episode

UPRNs, or Unique Property Reference Numbers, have the potential to increase surety and speed up the conveyancing process, according to the guests on this Today’s Conveyancer podcast.

David Opie is joined by Nick Chapallaz and Gayle Gander, Managing Director and Head of Marketing at Geoplace; and directors at trade body Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) Chris Loaring (MD, Landmark Legal) and Stuart Telfer (Operations Director, Groundsure) to discuss the increasing use of UPRNs in the conveyancing process.

In this 25-minute discussion Nick, Gayle, Chris and Stuart discuss the way in which UPRNs are being increasing used as part of the conveyancing process, how they can benefits conveyancers and consumers and speed up the process, and how they see the future of the relationship between UPRNs and current property data identifiers such as title numbers.

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