How good lawyers survive bad times (Book Review) – 27th June 2010

How good lawyers survive bad times (Book Review) – 27th June 2010

The American Bar Association has kindly sent me a journalist’s review copy of “How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times” by Sharon Nelson, James Calloway and Ross Kodner. At 210 pages its a quick and easy read but thought provoking and with many good ideas within it.
Now it may be a comment on English football but I started it early afternoon and just finished it. I have to say it’s a good book, or was it that anything to distract me from the football was always going to be good? No this really is a good book which I enjoyed.
It’s not a law book, it’s a basic book to help legal businesses and lawyers address the things they know they should be doing to promote themselves and their businesses. But be warned as its published in the US it is full of very American business language so it’s all about “elevator speeches”, “cut fat not muscle” and “sniffing the air” and if that isn’t for you then stop now.  It also has lots of ideas that are covered briefly.
If conveyancers can accept the language challenge I know many that would benefit from reading this book. I have been into many conveyancers to offer them business consultancy and it is plain to see that in these challenging times many have just got so battle weary from the years of recession that they have let their heads to go down and forgotten the basics that make for a good legal business. Many are just so exhausted by the whole challenge of just staying profitable that they have forgotten to pursue the easy and basic things that all businesses and employees need to consider. 
This book reminds you of those things that help you avoid being the one that is made redundant, or the owner of the failed business in a plain and sometimes simplistic manner.  At times it states the obvious but a reminder of the basics is no harm from time to time.

If you have lost your job it’s also worth a read just to re motivate you. It is expensive but full of little gems and getting only one idea from this book may cover its costs many times over. 

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