My Home Move to use LexisOne software

My Home Move to use LexisOne software

My Home Move have announced they intend to switch to using LexisOne software alongside their move to their new Leicester headquarters.

My Home Move initially started using the software within their finance department which they say helped the “ensure a ‘single version of the truth'”. Developers Lexis Nexis say it will help double the size of the business volume “with only a minimal increase in headcount.”

Paul Tennant, IT Director at myhomemove said: “We need a solution that is more than just an accounts system. To support our business expansion plans, we need complete visibility of our operation and to this end it is imperative that all the financial areas are integrated. LexisOne will give us a single business management system to help us streamline the various components of the operation. Additionally, it will give us a development platform to create new applications within LexisOne to help meet evolving business requirements immediately and in the long term.”

Andy Sparkes, General Manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions said: “Organisations today need flexibility to adapt in a changing business environment. This in turns requires quick decision making based on real-time, accurate business data. Visualfiles and LexisOne will provide myhomemove a compelling and reliable platform upon which to conduct business operation and achieve its business growth goals. myhomemove’s adoption of LexisOne further cements our already long standing partnership with the firm. We are delighted.”

LexisNexis say LexisOne is an ERP solution for legal, which goes beyond traditional practice management.  LexisOne helps firms proactively manage costs, prepare and track matter budgets, improve control, make informed decisions and optimise resources to deliver greater value to clients.

The also say the product which is powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, harmonises financial, human resources, productivity and performance management to provide the insight, flexibility and scalability that firms need to rapidly adapt in an ever changing world.

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