Henderson will encourage use of “three Rs” to aid housing crisis recovery

Henderson will encourage use of “three Rs” to aid housing crisis recovery

Mark Henderson, Chief Executive at the Home Group, will be addressing all political parties and will encourage them to put greater focus on recovering the housing industry and applying the “three Rs” to impending strategies.

The Home Group is one of the UK’s largest housing providers and owns 55,000 properties across the nation. Research carried out by the company has shown current “affordable” rent schemes aren’t affordable for more than half of residents within 128 local authority areas and needs to be a key area of discussion within government.

The proposed strategy will be presented to Labour delegates and reflect the traditional way of thinking, which focusses on three areas – Rethinking, Revenue and Regeneration.

Henderson claims if the newly elected government follows his guidance, there is potential to establish recovery from the housing crisis, with support of local housing associations.

In order to Rethink plans for housing development, the Government will be advised to become more systematic with their approach. Henderson feels current, short-term resolutions are not the answer.

Strategies implemented need to encourage relationships between Local Economic Partnerships and the Government, with an increase in their Compulsory Purchase powers, land allocation and better use of public land.

When generating Revenue, Henderson will state housing associations should be given more flexibility. The Home Group research demonstrates a one size fits all approach to rent schemes doesn’t work and the Government will be advised to introduce a flexible rent model that’s responsive to customer needs.

To increase the number of homes and improve quality of life for residents, Henderson will say the Government needs to Regenerate existing estates. This will not be focussed around relocating residents, demolishing homes and replacing with new properties, but will focus on the Home Group’s own success story.

The success of Home Group’s regeneration of Rayners Lane in Harrow will be used as a shining example of what can be achieved. Once a no-go area, the estate was transformed with modern and energy efficient properties. Not only did residence have a greater sense of pride, crime rates reduced by 77% as a result.

Do you agree with Henderson’s way of thinking? Which political parties are likely to respond more proactively? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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