GroundSure on our television sets

GroundSure on our television sets

GroundSure has been featured in current BBC3 series "Cherry Heaney’s Property Virgins", which follows the fortunes of a number of first time buyers.

In the most recent episode, Ailsa was looking to buy her first property but was unsure of the various surveys and searches that she needed to ensure that all is well with the transaction.

As part of the fact finding, she is seen working through the details of the survey and learning an understanding of how the chain will work above her to make everything line up.

Her solicitor undertook a comprehensive set of property searches through TM Group, including a GroundSure Homebuyers report to check if there were any environmental risks that could affect the property.

The report showed there were no issues and she was able to concentrate on other matters so that exchange could proceed.

To view the programme on BBC iPlayer click here.

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