Free conveyancing transactional platform will drive business and boost efficiency

Free conveyancing transactional platform will drive business and boost efficiency

Proptech specialist OneDome announces that the company has developed a secure conveyancing platform to complement its consumer and estate agency products. The platform will digitalise the entire process and drive more work towards conveyancers.

The transactional platform is completely free to use with no minimum contract term and offers key services to facilitate a residential property transaction, including best practice workflows, automated form capability, digital signatures, integrations with HMLR (EDRS), searches, AML and SDLT submissions. It also boasts a fully encrypted secure, online, data exchange and communication with clients – who are provided with their own access to facilitate the transaction online.

Former CEO of DLA Piper and Chairman of OneDome, Sir Nigel Knowles, commented that “there is no question that digitisation is vital for the evolution of the legal industry. With its emphasis on security, customer experience and business generation, OneDome’s vision to streamline the conveyancing process could not come at a better time.”

“Everyone involved in the property transaction process wants to ensure that it is completed as smoothly as possible; that clients have a good experience and that incidents of fraud and negligence are minimised. OneDome’s conveyancing product is designed to facilitate a highly secure, streamlined and transparent process which supports the client, the conveyancer and interested third parties in getting the deal done.”

The product is built to be used ‘standalone’ or, fully integrated with OneDome’s estate agency software, which will further streamline conveyancing by reducing the number of incoming and outgoing phone calls requesting an update or for coordinating tasks due to the bespoke ‘progress views’ provided to agents and clients.

OneDome’s aim is to provide an end-to-end platform that fully digitalises the property transaction process for property professionals and makes the experience smoother for consumers. The development of the product came before the government’s announcement that it would review the home-moving process but is in line with the vision to make it more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved.

Additionally, the platform is designed to drive more work toward conveyancers when linked to OneDome’s estate agency proposition via a nationwide online market place. In this marketplace, prospective clients, having gone through the agency process, can select a conveyancer, based on ability to act on that transaction, price and performance.  Whilst the cloud-based system is free, conveyancers will incur a small charge (in the main disbursable) per use of the in-built integrations as well as a pre-agreed referral fee for work taken from the market place.

OneDome is keen to provide conveyancers on the system with the opportunity to market their services to a wider audience based on pricing that the conveyancers themselves set. This will not be another panel or CRM, nor is this software purely to update progress on panel work. The transactional system brings conveyancers inside OneDome’s property ecosystem enabling their goal of making residential property transactions a fully online, integrated experience, where both clients and property professionals alike benefit from technology and the commercial advantages that it brings.

OneDome’s ambition for all property servicing companies is to provide them technology that will help them to streamline their sales process, work more securely, efficiently and profitably, maximising customer satisfaction and ultimately growing their businesses.

About OneDome 

OneDome is a property technology specialist whose vision is to seamlessly connect consumers to the property market with one click. We aim to empower property professionals with superior software solutions and make consumer interactions simple.

We provide a complete technological solution for all property professionals. Our consumer-focused products ensure that anyone undertaking a property transaction enjoys a seamless user experience. The OneDome suite of digital tools is designed to help improve the property transaction process and aim to revolutionise it for all involved.

OneDome not only provides digital tools for estate agents to embed into their websites, but also conveyancers and mortgage brokers to help them adapt to their customers’ changing needs and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.

The business has secured over £4m in investment and the investors include former DLA Piper’s Global CEO Sir Nigel Knowles; Edward Rumble, a co-founder of Pensato Capital; and David Giampaolo, the CEO of Pi Capital. With over fifty people in the team, OneDome is made up of a number of specialists from big-name organisations such as JP Morgan, Microsoft, Knight Frank, Legal & General and the Law Society, meaning they have an unrivalled melting pot of knowledge that enables them to develop market-leading technology that works for all parties in the transaction.

The company has more than 50 team members and one of the largest R&D teams in the Proptech space, with over 35 people working on building products that will shape the future of the property industry.

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This article was submitted to be published by OneDome as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

One Dome

Connecting conveyancers, clients and estate agents in one simple interface

OneDome Conveyancing is the easiest way for conveyancers to automate their operations, deliver superior digital customer experiences and get more business.

As the first online conveyancing platform connected to a countrywide marketplace, OneDome Conveyancing comes with a client/professional communications package and automates the mandatory technical steps for compliant conveyancing. It enables the sale and purchase of residential property to be transacted in a single shared space.

  1. Streamline 

Managing documents in OneDome’s secure cloud-based platform will save you time and will streamline your operations, helping you cut costs and boosting your client-facing efficiency.

The platform features:

  • Best practice workflows following mandatory and recommended tasks
  • Automated client quotations
  • Integrated searches
  • Automated forms
  • Tailored integrations with LRBG, EDRD and HMRC for SDLT
  • AML/KYC/PEP verification
  • Counterparty verification using Lawyerchecker
  1. Engage 

Our technology does more than just digitize conveyancing. It guides your clients through an optimised and standardized workflow, with tasks and templates laid out in advance. The platform’s notifications and messaging features make it easier to ask for help, locate documents and manage expectations.

  1. Grow 

The platform is home to a nationwide database of prospects and provides clients with instant quotes based on a provisional fee matrix that you control. It also includes a built-in rating system, whereby your high level of customer service will be instantly recognised.

  • Never lose business when clients are looking for a quote outside business hours
  • Build upon your reputation amongst clients and acquire new customers through the built-in scoring system.

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