FCI to launch flood reports with new high-resolution 5 metre groundwater data

FCI to launch flood reports with new high-resolution 5 metre groundwater data

Future Climate Info (FCI), provider of residential and commercial Environmental and Flood Reports will be the first conveyancing search company to add JBA’s high-resolution 5 metre groundwater flood data to their reports in June 2016.

The new groundwater data, which indicates the risk of flooding in every 5 metre square across the country, gives a greater level of detail and allows more specific reporting using a simple ‘traffic light’ system. By incorporating this ground-breaking new data into FCI reports it will add further invaluable insight into the potential flood risks so FCI can continue to provide the most complete and accurate data in the market.

Groundwater flooding is affecting a growing number of UK properties and is predominantly caused by unusually high groundwater levels often following prolonged rain. It tends to be more persistent than surface water flooding and can last for weeks or months often resulting in significant damage to property. With this in mind the JBA team modelled how and where groundwater levels would rise following prolonged periods of rainfall, taking into account factors such as topography, groundwater recharge volumes and spatial variations in aquifer storage and transmission properties. The model outputs were validated against recorded groundwater levels for past flood events and checked against areas historically affected by groundwater flooding.

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of FCI, commented on the new dataset:

“We are delighted to include JBA’s 5 metre groundwater data within our range of residential and commercial reports as it completes our family of high resolution flood risk datasets. We aim to provide the most detailed desk-top flood risk assessment, including an insurability analysis within every FCI environmental report. This new dataset further strengthens our offering and reaffirms FCI as the first choice for environmental reports in terms of compliance, and not least peace of mind.”

The enhanced 5 metre resolution of the JBA data allows FCI to apply a much tighter buffer when the property boundary is used, allowing for property specific risk assessment for the homebuyer.

Developed by Dr Maxine Zaidman and the JBA team, the new 5 metre groundwater flood map delivers enhanced resolution which makes it easier to pinpoint and report risks on a much finer scale. Commenting on the 5 metre data, Dr Zaidman said:

“The detailed groundwater maps will help potential homebuyers identify if a property is at risk of groundwater flood in a 100-year return period and will also assist flood risk management authorities in meeting their responsibilities under the Flood and Water Management Act.”

This ground-breaking 5 metre data combined with the new Flood Re scheme is a great move towards helping to identify and protect homes from flooding.

(IMAGE – Figure 1: Example of traffic light system and 5 metre mapping on an individual property)

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Future Climate Info (FCI) provides a range of Environmental Search Reports and Consultancy services for Conveyancers and Solicitors acting in Commercial or Residential property transactions.

Our reports include a robust assessment of the following risks:

  • Environmental, including contaminated land, air quality and radon
  • Flood Risk
  • Ground Stability
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Planning

Since launching in 2014, FCI has delivered many firsts for the industry and prides itself on driving positive change. Through constant innovation, we strive to give conveyancers and their clients access to the most up-to-date, clear information to enable them to make informed purchase decisions. Among these step-changes include being the first to:

  • Provide shorter yet fully comprehensive reports - Clearer results, saving time and paper, with ‘Next Steps’ highlighted on the front page of the report.
  • Add air quality trend data - Reflecting the greatest health risk to urban homebuyers today.
  • Use Land Registry title extents - For accurate risk analysis and fewer ‘Further Actions’.
  • Use exception reporting - Focusing on the specific issues without the padding.
  • Launch Intelligent Data Capture – Identifying schemes that could be missed in traditional searches with FCICapture Technology and dynamic search buffers.
  • Include free remediation cover - With all passed residential searches and passed FCI Retail commercial property searches, for 6 years, up to £100,000.
  • Launch a dedicated report for small retail properties - Responding to specific needs with a great value risk assessment.
  • Raise the bar on historical land use mapping – A comprehensive view of a site at superior quality resolution (up to four times greater than the market standard), for a clearer interpretation of the risks.

Why Choose FCI?

Complete solutions and actionable advice: This is central to our ethos at FCI. From the full professional risk assessments across all sections of our reports, to the expert consultancy services provided by our dedicated Risk Team and the specialist next-step solutions delivered in collaboration with industry experts, we assess the risks in granular detail, providing expert advice and analysis to help fuel and empower decision making.

Consumer Protection: We protect the best interests of the homebuyer, helping you to support your client. FCI is the only search provider regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and are Executive Members of CoPSO, regulated under the Search Code by the Property Code Compliance Board (PCCB) and The Property Ombudsman.

Expert Risk Interpretation: Our in-house team holds a unique combination of environmental, property and surveying qualifications, including MRICS, CEnv and C.WEM Charterships, ensuring you can be confident in the advice we offer.

Make sure your clients get the benefit of our smarter, clearer, more concise reports and solutions. Speak to your reseller or visit www.futureclimateinfo.com for more information.

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