Environmental Reports: What Lies Beneath?

Environmental Reports: What Lies Beneath?

Future Climate Info (FCI) has created an innovative suite of Environmental Reports that analyses data on Contaminated Land, Flood,Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure.

What lies beneath…

Data / Exception Layer

  • Extensive site history analysis of England and Wales.
  • FCI has scanned, geo-rectified and analysed editions of the historical maps dating back to the mid-19th century.
  • A unique exception layer that works out whether potential issues could still affect you instead of reporting issues that are no longer relevant.


  • FCI has the benefit of a £100,000 remediation insurance policy.


  • Each section of the report is fully compliant with the Law Society and PCCB.
  • FCI are RICS accredited.

Professional Opinion

  • The Professional Opinion by RICS accredited Environmental Surveyor is on all elements of the report – not just Contaminated Land.

Concise report

  • Front page summary with “Next Steps” detailed.
  • Full dataset list at the back of the report.
  • Average 7 page report for a residential property

Next Steps

  • Solutions for every issue highlighted — i.e. further searches / services / insurance
  • No further Flood Reports needed – full flood data available in each report. Why buy twice, when you can buy once.


  • Competitive pricing — no need for additional searches.


  • Established Team of experts – 60 years of experience – to answer your queries.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us on 01279 798111 or email us at [email protected].



CLS provide innovative data, search and legal indemnity solutions to aid residential and commercial property transactions throughout the UK and Europe.

From our roots in developing market leading, data led search and insurance products to offering individually underwritten, bespoke property development solutions across the UK and European markets, CLS continues to provide innovate solutions for the property market.

CLS’s panel of carriers enables us to insure sums of up to GBP 125 million of AA- and A rated paper. Additional capacity is drawn upon for larger cases.

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