Enquiry services: Which one is right for your firm?

Enquiry services: Which one is right for your firm?

Which enquiry service will bring the biggest benefit to your firm?  According to Marketlaw a new "ground breaking" research report, published recently, aims to provide you and your firm with independent information and a resource which will help manage the firm’s marketing and in turn help you survive in the ever changing marketplace.
According to an article published by Legal Futures, Quality Solicitors generate around 100,000 leads per month for its member firms, with only 10 per cent of these coming from web enquiries.
Of course the burning questions on many lips would then be, of those 100,000 leads how many are converted into clients and what is the value to the firm?
If you would like to read more about the report you can view the full Legal Futures article here.  You can also find out more about the report or obtain your own copy from Marketlaw by visiting their website here.
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