EAE Conveyancing Seminar: Book now

EAE Conveyancing Seminar: Book now

EAE Live will be hosting a dedicated conveyancing seminar on the 6th December at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

The seminar will offer attendees the chance to find out how Estate Agents manage Conveyancing leads, and what they look for in recommending a Conveyancer to their clients.

The seminar will start with a Q&A hosted by Ben Harris, Sales and Marketing Director, TM Group.

The Q & A session is with Estate Agency leaders including Sarah Tucker of LSL, Mark Harrison of Xperience Group and Bob Hay of Streets Ahead.

Chris Harris from Today’s Conveyancer will be talking about the changing dynamics of the conveyancing industry and the wider opportunities that the changing distribution pattern, impact of technology and the drive of the personalities within the sector bring.

Four time Olympic medallist, Rebecca Adlington will also talk to attendees about her story of world success in Beijing followed by the heroic performances that saw her win two medals at the London 2012 games.

Peter Knight, award winning speaker and Chairman of both The Property Academy and Estate Agency Events will be presenting ‘HEMP’, the ‘Highly Effective Marketing Plan’ his bestselling book published in 2003.

Other presenters include Cambridge economist Casper Berry, who studied human decision making and risk taking, as a professional poker player in Las Vegas.

Ed Powell is a commercial consultant specialising in designing and delivering multi-functional service/software solutions to property market stakeholders, he will discuss the new SAFE MOVE scheme.

To book a ticket please visit http://www.estateagencyevents.com/conveyancer/summit.html

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