Dreaming of a white Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas

On the run up to December it is almost guaranteed that we will watch a Christmas film at some point. A cheeky glass of something and a giant tin of chocolates in our lap.

Whether romantic, sad or funny the films have one common theme. Snow.

Our advent calendars, our Christmas cards all depict beautiful scenes of homes decorated by the white stuff.

But the reality of seeing a snow covered ground when we draw back the curtains on Christmas morning is very low. The last time we had a white Christmas in the UK was 2010.

This year a severe weather warning is in place for the month of December, putting parts of Britain on flood alert.

Local Authorities have cancelled their festive lights switch on and travel services have been suspended as gale force winds move in.

With a month’s worth of rain expected to fall in just one or two days it could result in Christmas potentially being cancelled for some as their homes are flooded.

This month your clients will be in a rush to move in before Christmas and we understand that is a pressure for you.

Our online ordering platform actually checks the postcode that you enter and will recommend what searches you should consider. Therefore providing you with due diligence which will make your clients aware of anything that could affect their home and their enjoyment of their property.

Contact Conveyancing Data Services now to ensure that Christmas isn’t cancelled for your clients.

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