Cunningtons Solicitors on You Tube

Cunningtons Solicitors on You Tube

Cunningtons have launched a You Tube embedded video into their website to promote and explain the conveyancing process to their clients.

As social media and internet marketing changes consumer behaviour the use of videos and audio to promote legal services continues to grow. The latest example comes from Cunningtons Solicitors featuring one of their partners Jason Bradshaw.

Cunningtons have seven branches spread throughout South East London, Essex and Birmingham. They state on their website that “Cunningtons recognises that technological progress is vital and our continuing investment in computer and information systems is recognised as a key resource in maintaining our reputation.” They are also accredited with CQS, hold the Lexcel Practice Management Standard and are a member of the Conveyancing Association.

Whether the video will improve their clients understanding of conveyancing or encourage a sense of personal engagement with clients it is yet to be seen. However it remains reasonably unusual for conveyancers to promote their services in this way and it will be interesting to see if this style of marketing is on the increase.

This isn’t the first time that parts of the Cunningtons team have appeared on face book with a five year old clip of "Cunningtons do Take That" appearing in the You Tube search results.

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