Couple return home to 6ft fence put up by farmer

Couple return home to 6ft fence put up by farmer

A newlywed couple were horrified to back from their holiday to a 6ft high fence outside their front window.

Put up by a disgruntled farmer in dispute with a housing developer, the fence is just 2 ft outside their property, completely obscuring their view.

Located on Persimmon Homes Brook View estate, the couple moved into the £220,000 property just before Christmas, travelling to the Caribbean earlier this month. On their return, they found that the owner of a nearby farm had put up the wooden barrier – which they liken to the ‘Berlin Wall’ – right outside their home.

Expressing his despair at the situation, David Entwistle said: “This was our dream home and now it’s turned into a nightmare.

“It feels like we are imprisoned in our own house by this fence.

“We are being held hostage in a land dispute which is nothing to do with us.

“Rebekah and I have just started our own business and had to fight to get a mortgage and then to get this house.

“We bought it because of the view which has now been replaced by a huge wooden fence nailed to our own little one.

“No-one mentioned this at all and if we had has any inkling of it we would not have bought the house.

“We’re not even sure we want to live here now.”

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes said: “We are confident none of our development encroaches on land not legitimately within our ownership.

“We understand planning enforcement action is being taken against the neighbouring landowner to address the fence, which has been erected.

“We are horrified the residents, who have done nothing to deserve this grotesque infringement on the enjoyment of their dream homes, are being inconvenienced in this way and continue to do everything we can to support them at this distressing time while the matter is resolved by the relevant authorities.”

Also commenting was the farmer’s land agent, Gary Hoerty of GHA Associates. He highlighted the existence of the ongoing dispute with the farmer – David Preece – and developer Persimmon Homes.

The Persimmon Homes spokesman concluded: “The land for development was purchased in good faith and we have liaised throughout with the Land Registry and the neighbouring landowner to establish and agree the exact boundary.”

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