Conveyancing Association updates Conveyancing Progression Training Course

Conveyancing Association updates Conveyancing Progression Training Course

The Conveyancing Association has announced updates for it’s Conveyancing Progression Training Course to include changes to SDLT and the Mortgage Credit Directive.

According to CA there has been “considerable” feedback from those who have already taken the course which has informed adjustments tot he training materials.

Andrew Dewar, Joint Senior Partner at Curchods Estate Agents, was one of those providing feedback.

He said: “For new people the course will be hugely useful. For established people like myself there is always something to learn. I think it is about as ’granular’ as you want it to be as an ‘appreciation’.  You don’t want to turn agents into solicitors. God forbid.”

As well as the 3% second home SDLT charge and the seven day reflection period in the Mortgage Credit Directive, the course for mortgage brokers, estate agents and new conveyancing recruits now includes the issue of caveat emptor due to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

According to the CA, caveat emptor impacts estate agents around what they should tell buyers prior to viewing.  Previously this was not considered within the conveyancer’s scope but recent Law Society guidance and the change in the description of traders brought about by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 means it has more relevance to the conveyancing, as well as the marketing, process.  Essentially, conveyancers should refuse to act for a seller who misleads or omits information.

Following constructive feedback there have also been changes to how the course questions are laid out making it more intuitive for students, plus there is a new section explaining how to navigate the modules, extra instructions for navigation throughout the course, and learners can now add a glossary of terms which they can refer back to once the course is finished.

Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at the Conveyancing Association, said: “It’s obviously important to our training proposition that as the sector changes and develops we recognise and cover this within our materials. Stakeholders will know only too well that in the past month alone we have seen a considerable number of changes which need to be reflected in the course in order to deliver an up-to-date 360-degree view of the sector. We have been able to quickly do this, plus with feedback from those who have already gone through the course, we have also been able to make the system and process much more user-friendly and clear when it comes to detailing course progression and testing.

“Those currently taking the course can choose to go back and move through the updated sections, while those who have already completed it can also review the new information in order to understand what it means, and the implications for the conveyancing process. We’re sure that all practitioners and those with a stake in the sector will want to keep abreast of these changes and we are committed to ensuring that the course and the materials reflect all ongoing developments.”

All existing learners will have free access to this new updated version of the training material; those who have already completed the course can choose to take it again if they wish, however their existing certificate will remain valid if they decided not to re-do the course in full.

Full details on the course can be found here

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