Conveyancers are granted more time to respond to requisitions

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Conveyancers are granted more time to respond to requisitions

HM Land Registry is allowing conveyancers more time to reply back to requisitions by extending the period of time for responses.

The new extension granted by the Land registry to respond to requisition for most applications gives property professionals 40 days to reply to a request will come into effect from 11 January,

If the Land Registry do not receive a response after this period a reminder of cancellation (C90a) will then be sent out, allowing a further 20 days in which to reply.

Requisitions are issued because some of the information they require to complete the process is missing, incomplete or wrongly drawn and failure to provide the correct information may mean the application is cancelled.

Latest data revealed that nearly 20% of registration applications require them to raise a requisition. Although due to requisition rates varying widely between individual firms, it can be up to as much as 50% of applications requiring a requisition to be raised in some cases. And last month, the Land Registry advised conveyancers how to avoid requisitions by providing informative videos to help conveyancers avoid the most common reasons for requisitions.

The majority of requisitions are the result of waiting for third parties to provide information or consent. The extension for replies means the Land Registry can reserve the priority of the original application for longer and reduce the administrative burden involved in completing an application.

The extension comes ahead of the launch of the Digital Registration Service (DRS) in Spring. The new service will reduce the number of errors such as name discrepancies or problems with fees, ultimately reducing the overall number of requisitions sent out.

Those applying should not to wait for a reminder before replying to a requisition. If more time is required, requests can be made through the GOV.UK website.

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