Complaints data to be published

Complaints data to be published

The Legal Ombudsman has confirmed that it will publish data relating to public complaints about lawyers.

The data relates to 900 decisions. The organisation has said the data will be published in the autumn but is yet to confirm a date.

Chief Ombudsman Adam Sampson recently revealed in his blog that he was under pressure from central government to reveal the information.

When the data is published all information with the exception of the complainants name will be included.

That will mean the name of each lawyer or firm involved, the area of law, the date of the decision, whether any remedy was ordered, the nature and amount of that remedy and the reason for the complaint will be published.

Sampson conceded that the process is imperfect and that information will lack context.

However Mr Sampson concluded: “Given the choice between making an imperfect, transparent start or keeping information secret, our commitment to our values means that there really was only ever one answer.”

Publication of the data, covering the first three months of the financial year up to the end of June, had originally been intended for release this month.

The delay in publication is put down to wanting to ensure it was presented in the most appropriate manner.

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