CML Lender Update – Rely on TitleChecker® to tell you the answer

CML Lender Update – Rely on TitleChecker® to tell you the answer

It can be a timely process keeping on top of which lender changed what!

Amendments to the CML Lenders Handbook were made on Monday 1st December 2014; With 31 changes made to both Part 1 & 2 of the CML. It is imperative that conveyancers reference the handbook in every transaction, as non-compliance is still too frequent. With every ChancelCheck£® ordered, you are entitled to a FREE TitleChecker£® aiding you to providing the right answers to your clients…both the lender and the purchaser!

How can TitleChecker£® help give you the right answer?

TitleChecker£® interrogates the Land Registry records contained in an OC1 in addition to verifying the information entered by the conveyancer corresponds with Land Registry records. Where an entry requiring lender consideration is identified, it provides the relevant CML Part 1 and Part 2 responses specific to the entry, assisting the conveyancer in identifying lender compliant solutions.

Benefits of TitleChecker£® include:

  • Reports on elements of OC1 that affect CML Handbook Parts 1 & 2 responses (where lender information supplied)
  • Assists with due diligence and provision of easy-to-digest information for the client
  • Saves time and money by automating title investigation
  • Includes OC1 as part of the report
  • Reduces the risk of error within the conveyancing process
  • Includes a search insurance policy offering cover up to a market value of £2m where there is an error in the Land Registry data

Don’t forget…

TitleChecker£® includes a unique voucher code that gives you a 20% discount on all online ConveySure£® premiums relating to that specific property transaction.

TitleChecker£® Refresher can be used to update an existing TitleChecker£® report for FREE for the following cases:

  • where the lender was unknown at the time of the initial TitleChecker£®
  • the lender has changed
  • the lender is the same but you wish to refresh the TitleChecker£® information (original HMLR data is required)
  • the proprietor name has changed
  • the address has been updated
  • the price of the property is different

Click HERE to view a TitleChecker£® Sample

Click HERE to view a TitleChecker£® Userguide

For further information on TitleChecker£® Refresher, TitleChecker£® reports, or to access a 20% discount on our ConveySure£® online premiums for title insurance, please contact us on 01732 897530 or [email protected].



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