CA Reacts To Leasehold Recommendations

CA Reacts To Leasehold Reform

Earlier this month – on the 9th January – the Law Commission published its first report on the series of consultations it is holding into leasehold reform. As you will no doubt know, leasehold reform is a major policy priority for the CA going forward, and it’s therefore important that we look closely at these […]

Groundcharges And Leasehold Reform High On The Agenda For 2020

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt not to underestimate in the housing market, it’s the ability for the innocuous to be abused in the wrong hands. No longer can we rely on gentlemanly (or gentlewomanly) behaviour to overcome the inherent issues in our ancient land law. Take leasehold houses, for example, previously delivered with 999-year […]

Rentcharges On The Rise – What Conveyancing Firms Should Be Aware Of

Rentcharges On The Rise – What Conveyancing Firms Should Be Aware Of

You may not be a big movie fan, but I’m guessing you’ve probably seen Jurassic Park at some point – you know the one, scientist ‘resurrects’ dinosaurs, creates theme park, dinosaurs run amok, and repeat. In the first Steven Spielberg-directed film, Jeff Goldblum plays Dr. Ian Malcolm and on learning about the park, the dinosaurs […]

Solve Problems At The Beginning For Better Solutions

Rise in Homemovers for the first time in three years

There are some problems that if you take them back to their core state can essentially be solved with a catch-all solution. That’s essentially how I think we need to look at many of the issues we face as conveyancers because while I’m not suggesting that ‘all’ problems are fixable in this way, I do […]

Major Leasehold Changes Offer Hope To Homebuyers

major changes to leaseholders

When you’ve campaigned for something for over six years, there’s always going to be a huge sense of joy when your work, that of your colleagues, and indeed, the entire industry finally pays out. That feeling was certainly there on the 27th June when the news came through that James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for […]

‘Smart’ Contracts in Conveyancing

smart contracts in conveyancing

Working in this part of the market, there’s a very large part of me that believes if others can develop ‘smart water’, then we should certainly be able to produce ‘smart contracts’ in conveyancing. Indeed, you have to wonder just how ‘smart’ the water really is, and whether those who are paying a premium for […]

Conveyancing Association say progress is being made on key issues

Legal Sector Overwhelmingly Unprepared For Brexit

Given the all-encompassing, headline-grabbing nature of Brexit and what happens next, it might seem surprising that – in some areas – the business of Government is actually continuing and progress on some of the The Conveyancing Association’s (CA) key issues is being made, especially when we can call upon cross-industry support for future measures. One […]

Will The Recent 14-Point Pledge End Onerous Leasehold Terms?

Will The Recent 14-Point Pledge End Onerous Leasehold Terms?

Written by Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at the Conveyancing Association On the face of it, we recently had a very positive step forward in terms of helping existing leaseholders, with the announcement by Housing Minister, James Brokenshire, that 40 house builders/developers had signed up to a 14-point pledge designed to ‘end the practice of […]

Leasehold Homes Scandal

row of colourful houses

There has been much written about the ‘leasehold homes scandal’ over the past 12-18 months and, while we have Government movement in terms of stopping future sales of leasehold homes, this might be seen as cold comfort for those for whom such legislative changes are too late. On the positive side, even before the Government […]

Working Together To Improve The Housebuying Process

Conveyancing Association

Anyone working in the housing market quickly realises that there’s very little you can do, or achieve, on your own. The very nature of the process and the ability to make it as smooth as possible is predicated on a large number of practitioners and stakeholders all ‘doing their bit’ – without a high level […]

PropTech – How Best To Engage?

Digital Conveyancing

Keeping up with all the technological changes, or attempts at change, in our industry can seem like a full-time job. The number of ‘PropTech’ companies looking at the home-buying process appears to be rising exponentially and it seems like only a matter of time before the conveyancing sector has to deal with a real ‘disruptive […]

Improving the ID Verification Process

In any high value business, fraud (or the potential for fraud) is a constant; the threat never goes away and in the property industry, despite an upping of the ante in terms of the fraud protection processes and systems firms have in place, this doesn’t stop criminals seeking out potential weak spots and looking to […]

The revolving door of housing ministers

There’s no doubting that there’s a huge amount of collective frustration from housing market stakeholders around the constant changing of Housing Ministers over – let’s face it – the past 21 years.

Leasehold success shows the way ahead

Our industry often receives a lot of criticism – some of it justified, a lot of it not – so when it comes to some genuinely positive news that will benefit many firms and many customers, then I think it’s only right that we shout it from the rooftops and give ourselves a well-deserved pat […]

Upfront and centre

At our recent All-Members Meeting we held a number of panel debates on key areas which we believe have the potential to deliver real benefits to all stakeholders in the home-buying process, and (dare I say it) will meet the Government’s aim of making it faster, more transparent, and perhaps cheaper.

A year to push the envelope

  Last January I remember the CA’s Chairman, Eddie Goldsmith, saying that (amongst other priorities) 2017 would be ‘the year of leasehold reform’. Knowing full well that Eddie doesn’t moonlight as a clairvoyant in his spare time, I’d still have to say that his predictions on what might unfold over the course of the last […]

Commonhold should be common practice

Much has been written about our recently issued response to the DCLG’s consultation on leasehold reform and the fact we are calling for the Government, as our recent press release put it, ‘to review commonhold and its existing usage as a system of freehold tenure for multi-occupancy buildings, with a view to replacing leasehold with […]