The regulator’s view; anti-money laundering and the CLC

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

The Today’s Conveyancer podcast returns for it’s third series with our first episode of 2024. And we’re launching with a bang with Sebastian Haller, Deputy Director of Anti-Money Laundering at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers sharing the regulator’s views on the challenges conveyancers and property lawyers face when it comes to anti-money laundering (AML) Sebastian […]

How can law firms enhance their ESG efforts and meet the evolving expectations of clients?

“How important is a law firm’s approach to sustainability?” As ethical considerations and sustainable practices become increasingly crucial for both clients and businesses, the legal sector finds itself under scrutiny for more than just its ability to provide a slick service to clients. Asking clients and potential clients to weigh in on this matter, the […]

2024: Happy New Year?

Introduction December is always a good time for reflecting on the year that is coming to an end and looking forward to the new year to come. As thing stand, the one thing we can be certain about is that we will have (yet another) Housing Minister in 2024 – hopefully no more than one! […]

Legislation important to keep on the agenda in 2024

As we reach the end of the year, it’s natural to be thinking about what has passed and what might be coming over the horizon, particularly in terms of the market conveyancers might well be faced with, and some of the challenges that are likely to present themselves. At the CA we’re doing exactly the […]

Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer – 18th December 2023

‘Twas the night before Christmas and quiet as mice, Conveyancers closed office doors  and headed into  the night, Another year over, with house moves all done, A difficult job, now off for some fun.   With memories of clients, some nice and some not, Crossing the Ts and those Is we must dot, Individuals and […]

The challenges of running a law firm in 2023

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

In the final Today’s Conveyancer podcast of 2023 host David Opie discusses the challenges of running a law firm in 2023 with Ellisons Managing Partner Guy Longhurst. Ellisons are a full service firm with 5 offices and 275 staff across Suffolk and Essex, putting them in the top 200 bracket of firms in England and […]

The Ombudsman’s Corner: December 2023

The Ombudsman's Corner

Our approach to dealing with matters arising from the administration of an estate When we changed our Scheme Rules in April, one change that we made was to make it clear that we accept complaints from executors and beneficiaries of an estate. In this month’s blog, I want to set out our approach to dealing […]

“Everything you need to know about digital onboarding”

In this latest interview by InfoTrack, Sam Jordan, COO from InfoTrack, is joined by David Opie, Managing Director of Today’s Media, and Nathan Kapoor, Managing Partner at Charles Coleman Solicitors. Together, they have explored how to identify the processes to keep and how to ensure the successful adoption of your new digital approach. This new […]

6 key reasons why SME law firms should develop a sustainability strategy for 2024

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues become a priority for businesses the world over, sustainability and ESG planning are important considerations for SME law firms. According to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) who identify key areas of ESG risk by market and discipline, there are a number of concerns that SME law firms […]

Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer – 11th December 2023

Due to the work load coming into the Christmas period and because I am after all a High Street Conveyancing solicitor, like all of you who read my diary (and hopefully enjoy it), I am busy making sure that all of my clients who want to can move before the 20th December (at the latest!). […]

Building a fully digital property market: what is it and why is it happening now?

There’s no two ways about it, the property market is fragmented.  In a bygone age property transactions were much simpler and efficient. Physical cash, deeds, and contracts were exchanged in person as property changed hands in a fraction of the time it does today. However simpler it may have been, this was never a scalable […]

Coming Soon: New requirements for property related payments – ISO20022

We are on the verge of a once in a generation improvement to the way money is moved on a global scale. A new, established international standard for financial messaging (ISO20022), is poised to revolutionise the global payments landscape and positively impact the broader economy. For law firms this will finally bring some much needed […]

From 16 to 65, the magic of multi-generational teams

With four generations spanning Boomers, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen A, modern workforces are the most age diverse they have ever been. With the benefits of office based working, flexible hours and advances in technology, conveyancing is an widely attractive career to employees across the spectrum, from 16 to 65.  But how often do leaders […]

CIE drives environmental reports standard settings

The Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) has updated its recently completed and industry first Climate Change Environmental Report(s) Compliance Standard, in light of the Law Society guidance (article) and growing data availability across the property risk sector.   With further sector specific (real estate) climate change guidance due next year and consideration to be given to wider existing environmental […]

Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer – 4th December 2023

There are certain things that clients say and they think that you may never have heard anyone say it before – I know it is like that in most walks of life! So this week, I had the first client of 2023 to tell me that she needed to know whether or not to put […]

Confessions Of A Cyber Conveyancer – IT and Technology

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we live in pretty judgmental times. Recent events surrounding the IT problems affecting a number of law firms have played into the hands of those who believe that technology doesn’t improve the delivery of conveyancing.  I’ve read too many comments by lawyers suggesting that […]

Conveyancing nirvana; the perfect contract pack

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

Conveyancing nirvana might be the perfect contract pack says Rob Gurney, Managing Director of Ochresoft in the latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast. Rob discusses how the desire for speed has created a rod for our own backs when it comes to transaction timelines. There is this onus on getting the contract out to the other side […]

Increase revenue while delegating billable time

“I was dealing with issues with team dynamics, HR, processes not being where they should be and constantly fire-fighting and dealing with major exhaustion.” This is what Vanessa Challess, the owner and founder of Tiger Law a firm that provides M&A, commercial property and conveyancing services said she was dealing with before we met and […]

An expert take on case and matter management

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

Steven Hill, Managing Director at Case Management System provider Denovo BI joins Today’s Conveyancer Podcast host David Opie to discuss technology, case management, and the challenge of working across Scottish and English jurisdictions. Steven talks about his history with the business  over 18 years and his recent promotion to the role of Managing Director. Denovo […]

Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer: 27th November 2023

As I mentioned last week, it is difficult managing expectations coming into the Christmas period. It is also hard to manage those expectations when we know that estate agents want as many matters to exchange prior to the Christmas break even if completion is not until the New Year.  It stops people changing their minds […]