Camden Gardens’ story highlights the necessity for environmental searches

Camden Gardens’ story highlights the necessity for environmental searches

Camden New Journal recently brought to light the contamination of private gardens in Camden. Soil samples from 19 gardens were analysed and showed the presence of carcinogenic substances, posing “significant risk” of “significant harm to human health”.  This type of news is regularly reported on in the media and demonstrates the importance of an environmental search in the conveyancing process.
However, there are other environmental risks that home purchasers should consider in property transactions, one of them being flood risk, which affects 1 in 6 properties in England*.
Worryingly, as research published earlier this year by the Association of British Insurers shows, more often than not homeowners realise that their property is at risk of flooding only after they experienced a flood.
The national “Know Your Flood Risk” campaign will be on next week, between 7th and 11th Nov. Led by Mary Dhonau, OBE, who was herself a victim of flood events on many occasions, the campaign will raise awareness and educate both the public and businesses on what flood risk is as well as provide practical guidance.
As a leading provider of environmental searches since 2001, GroundSure strongly recommends that property buyers consider both environmental and flood risks in their property transaction, regardless of what “local knowledge” may advise.
By purchasing a GroundSure Homebuyers report, they will obtain clear answers for both risks, without the necessity for buying two searches and at a fraction of the cost.
GroundSure recently added new pluvial flood risk data in the GroundSure Homebuyers report to support better flood risk assessment.
*Environment Agency, Flooding in England report, 2009.
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