Build trust with potential clients to win more business

Build trust with potential clients to win more business

Clients can be particularly cost-conscious during periods of economic uncertainty. In the wake of Brexit, it’s timely to arm yourself with the skills to have open and honest payment conversations with clients, so that you get paid what you’re worth at the end of the transaction.

In my experience, the solution is to build trust early. Here, I’m going to share three practical ways you can establish and maintain trust throughout a conveyancing transaction. Use these to win business and increase repeat clients.

  1. Supply a clearly itemised quote

Clients often worry about being overcharged for services, particularly those they’re not familiar with. We all know the value of a taxi trip, but it can be harder to judge rates for specialised services that we seldom use. Set clients at ease by providing a single quote that itemises what you’re charging for.

Clients trust quotes that detail the value of items including:

  • legal fees
  • search fees
  • disbursements
  • bank transfer fees.

GE Capital’s Major Purchase Shopper Study reveals that 81 % of consumers do online research before purchase. People are likely going to evaluate your quote and decide whether to contact you, based on how clear and competitive it is.

  1. Shift the conversation from price to results, then listen 

Many potential clients ask “How much?”, while really wanting to know “How good is the quality of your advice?” In fact, nine of ten consumers say they’ll pay more for superior customer service.

The lesson? Stop jumping to price negation. Instead, demonstrate that you can make it easy for a prospective client to understand and complete their transaction with your firm. When people open-up and ask the questions that really matter to them, you’re almost certain to win their business.

Show people the quality of your advice upfront to differentiate your firm from other conveyancers. Vitally, it allows you to take the first step towards building trust that’s based on the quality of your advice.

Equally important is giving existing clients the chance to tell you whether you’ve been easy to deal with. It’s likely that some areas of your customer service are not as helpful as you assume they are. Discover how clients want to work with you, set about providing ways to make this possible. You might like to send a survey, ask for feedback via email, or drop a casual question into conversation. It’s worth your while: when selecting a conveyancer, eight out of 10 home-movers say they look for someone who is a good communicator.

  1. Keep clients informed at every stage of the transaction

When you’re carrying out instructions, adopt a systematic approach to client communication.

With clients, mortgage brokers and estate agents to manage, it can be tempting to cut corners to save time. No one likes to spend more time discussing a transaction than working on it. However, overlooking a communication can make people question whether you’ve also missed important transaction details. Displaying good attention to detail counts for a lot when you’re gaining trust.

I highly recommend using automated notifications to let relevant parties know about activity at each stage of the transaction. Conveyancers who do this save time, and cut down on the number of enquiries about the status of the matter. With 60% of home-movers preferring email to telephone, it’s also likely to result in satisfied clients.

Need more help with building client trust? 

Yvonne Hirons has over a decade of experience in the conveyancing industry. Yvonne is passionate about software that helps conveyancers streamline processes, and work effectively with their clients. Email [email protected] to begin a discussion about how automated workflow and clear communication can help you build client trust.

This article was submitted to be published by Perfect Portal as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

Yvonne Hirons, Managing Director of Perfect Portal

Perfect Portal

Yvonne Hirons is the Managing Director of Perfect Portal and has worked in panel management for over 12 years.

Yvonne has first-hand experience of working at a specialist conveyancing firm which has given her the ability to deliver a stronger and more profitable conveyancing solutions within the legal industry.=

Having built long-standing relationships with law firms, search companies, estate agents, and mortgage brokers, Yvonne is committed to making the conveyancing process simpler and a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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