Book review “The Conveyancer’s Guide to Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud”

Book review “The Conveyancer’s Guide to Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud”

Book Title:           The Conveyancer’s Guide to Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud
Publisher:            ark
Author:                Matthew Moore

Price:                  £195 but if you buy before the 31st August 2010 readers of Today’s Conveyancer get a £50 discount using the attached form here.  Alternately contact [email protected] quoting code TC-F1 to claim a £50 discount, making your copy £145 (plus £7.50p&p). 

I have been delightfully surprised by this book and would recommend that every conveyancing firm should own it.
Ordinarily I would never normally think about taking a guide to anti money laundering and mortgage fraud legislation on holiday.  So I was presented with a dilemma when I discovered a large envelope on my desk on my last day before my holiday containing what at first glance looked like a challenging read.  Should I pack it or ignore it? 
Ark the publishers had kindly sent me a journalist’s review copy of Matthew Moore’s “The Conveyancer’s Guide to Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud” and as the editor of this relatively new website I felt very grateful , so I packed it with good intentions to make a concerted effort to read it.
A few days later Royal Bank of Scotland was fined a record fine for breach of their duties under this legislation.  It seemed a good time to remind myself of the legislation irrespective of any prior views of anti money laundering training.  So I found myself on a beach reading this book.
I was tainted by distant memories of sitting in CPD training on money laundering, watching the second hand on the clock slow to a tortoise’s pace and feeling that all AML training needed to be this way.
So it was completely unexpected and refreshing to find the book an easy to read.  It presents a clear and concise legal explanation of a conveyancer’s duties without leaving you feeling like you are wading in mud.  I actually wanted to continue to turn each page and learn more, which I think is a massive credit to Matthew Moore.
Beyond that it went on to give practical and useful examples of what to do in a variety of circumstances that I am sure many conveyancers face.  It gives a number of check lists and demonstrates how to create a framework of compliance.
If I had read this book instead of going on the CPD that I did all those years ago I would have probably been a lot more engaged with this whole area of law.
All in all, this book should be mandatory reading for conveyancing partners and senior fee earners.
Ark has kindly given a £50 discount if you use this order form.

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