BBC reveals less than 200 homes signed up to Green Deal

BBC reveals less than 200 homes signed up to Green Deal

According to BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme the governments flagship Green Deal policy has seen less than 200 takers so far.

The policy was launched in January to offer long-term loans for energy-saving home improvement work.

Although 19,000 homes have been assessed very few householders have gone on to take out the loans.

With the government hoping to have at least 10,000 signed up by the end of the year the Green Deal looks set to be significantly less successful than hoped.

The government has stressed that the Green Deal is intended to be a long-term policy. A spokesman for the Department for Energy and Climate Change said: "The Green Deal is an ambitious 20-year programme designed to deliver home improvement in Great Britain on an unprecedented scale. It’s only just getting started.

"Official numbers on installations will be available at the end of June. However, the early signs are encouraging, with over 18,000 assessments carried out before the end of April and the supply chain building steadily."

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