Attract new recruits and new business

Attract new recruits and new business

Clutton Cox’s year as Best Marketing and Use of Social Media Winner 2014 is almost at an end. Paul Hajek, Director at Clutton Cox, summarises how the firm has benefitted.

So, when the dry ice of the Law Firm Services (LFS) Awards Ceremony fades; the “say cheese” photo opportunity with Richard and the sponsor dissipates, what else awaits the 2015 winners?

Our Award-Winning Year

Winning an award is also a great feeling – a warm glow of appreciation for hard work rewarded.

A recognition by your peers and an independent endorsement of your company’s expertise.

Public Relations and the Award’s Logo

If you’ve got it flaunt it – as the saying goes.

Our winning the award has boosted our public relations opportunities in seeking a new audience.

We have made good use of winning the award with the logo proudly displayed on our website, and we use it in all our marketing and public relations material.

The winner’s logo also sits proudly at the foot of all our emails for all and sundry to see.

We have been able to gain brand awareness beyond our normal reach by winning the award.

Local Press

The awards are critical as they increase our credibility in the community. The local press ran an article on our award so now people and potential prospects who don’t know us, even if they recognise the name, can now associate a favourable positive image with our company.

And for existing clients it reinforces their sound judgment in appointing us in the first place as their conveyancers.

Staff Morale

Winning awards is also good for staff morale.

Attracting New Talent

But winning isn’t just about looking back on a job well done.

By showcasing Clutton Cox as a creative and forward-looking law, we have attracted a new audience who may not have known what we were about or represented. The Award has enabled us to attract new talent as well.

New Website

It is equally important not to rest on our laurels.

Our new responsive website went live at the end of July and took our mantra of producing informative, relevant and entertaining legal content to a higher level. As we say it’s new and, it’s cooking on gas.

So, best wishes to the winner of 2015 Best Marketing and Use of Social Media Award.

You will find the experience very rewarding on many levels.

But, just to let you know, we’ll be back next year and looking to regain our crown.

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