Are you appealing to foreign investors?

Are you appealing to foreign investors?

Chinese, Malaysian and other Far Eastern investors are pushing up demand for new build investment properties across many UK cities. But are you doing enough to win their business?

The property markets in Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities are currently experiencing huge oversupply, meaning yields are low.

According to buy to let specialist Assetz this has led to increased investment in the UK, with investors attracted by strong yields and a weak sterling.

Many of these investors are attracted to cities like Manchester and Leeds where prices are more attractive than the London market.

Stuart Law, Chief Executive of Assetz, said: "Interest in London as an investment destination is moderating a little for Far Eastern investors, offering them kudos and slowing capital growth, but very little in the way of yield return.

“The higher yields of the UK’s regional cities are a big draw, particularly new developments targeted at young professional tenants.

"Many investors have children studying at British universities and are keen to put down roots in the country."

So what does this mean for conveyancers? Is there an opportunity to target foreign investment specifically?

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