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Ambition pays off for new legal sector conference

Law Firm Ambition began as a widely-used online resource dedicated to helping law firms grow. Law Firm Ambition has developed a comprehensive set of ‘How to’ guides, updated annually. These guides are created with input from over 100 carefully selected experts from the legal sector, making it a respected project within the legal community.

The first two Founding Partners were Travelers and Lloyds. The other founders are Armstrong Watson and Hazlewoods and Cashroom. The Founding Partners not only fund Law Firm Ambition, they work together to plan and run its events.

Their second annual conference is on 25th June and has over 130 delegates registered. The conference theme is ‘Embedding culture and taking people with you’. Registration is via the website’s Events page. They said:

“The whole focus of Law Firm Ambition is at the other end: the solution. The website content, the webinars, and now the conference, all focus on what to do to succeed as a law firm.”

The conference has an impressive lineup of speakers, which in itself is nothing new. It is the content that the returning audience is looking forward to — hearing about what has worked and has not worked in other law firms, so they do not make the same mistakes.”

Rory MccGwire is the Law Firm Ambition editor who recruits the experts and creates the content with them. He said:

“The test for good web content is whether it gets passed around. The test for a good conference session, in my view, is whether the audience is taking notes or not. Nothing pleases me more than to see everyone madly scribbling away, so they can put all the tips into practice once they are back in the office.”

This group intends to be working together for a long time. So we have been able to progress carefully, one step at a time. We put huge effort into every bit of content that we produce. In a high-speed world that often seems to favour quantity over quality, there was a clear gap in the market for us to fill.

James Graham, managing director of professional indemnity at Travelers, added:

“We have assembled an incredible team for Law Firm Ambition and all of us are keen to demonstrate our sector expertise and give law firms masses of practical insights in the process.”

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