A spooky history can devalue a home by up to 20%

A spooky history can devalue a home by up to 20%

Tips to help increase sale price of ‘haunted homes’

The majority of estate agents believe a home with a spooky history can lose up to 20% of its value and can be twice as difficult to sell compared to a normal property.

The research conducted by Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents, found that 83% of estate agents felt that a home with a chequered past can lose 11-20% of its value as potential homebuyers are spooked by the stigma of past events. This might include it being built on top of a graveyard, a former crime scene or rumours the property is haunted.

Move with Us, the property services experts have, however, provided top tips to help the owners of these properties achieve a higher selling price for their homes.

Robin King, Director, Move with Us, commented:"A house with a chequered past can come with a stigma attached to it, particularly to those who live locally and have pre-conceptions of the property. With this sort of property, buyers often put in a lower offer or will use the history as a bargaining tool.

"For anyone looking to sell a home with a spooky history there are still a number of things that you can do to help sell the property for a higher price. Presentation really is everything and giving the property some serious curb appeal will help get viewers through the door as well as dressing the home in a way that creates an aspiration for a certain lifestyle."

Top tips for selling a home with a spooky history

  1. De-personalise the space — Hiding any family photos and personal items helps to create a blank canvas so viewers can imagine the space as their own.
  2. Curb appeal is key – If you are going to spend time presenting the inside of a property at its best, you need to spend some time on the outside too. Viewers will often disregard a property before they’ve stepped inside if the outside looks unattractive. Clear any paths of rubbish and weeds, clean all windows and doors and hide any bins to help make the property more inviting.
  3. Let there be light — It’s important to maximise light and space as they will appeal to every buyer. Lamps are great for lighting any dark corners and hallways. Make the most of natural light by making sure all curtains and blinds are fully open in every room.
  4. Tidy up – It might seem pretty basic, but ensure that your property is tidied up before a viewing. A messy property really can scare away buyers. Put the laundry away, do the washing up and move out of sight anything that does not need to be on display.
  5. Dine in style – Dining rooms are often neglected and left to gather cobwebs. To maximise the selling power of this room, clear everything out and dress the table ready for a dinner party to display an aspirational lifestyle.
  6. Dress to impress – Ensure your property is dressed and ready for presentation when the agent takes the marketing photos for the website/ brochures. Pictures on websites are the first thing that potential buyers usually see when looking for a property and they can make the difference between getting a viewing or not.

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