A Consciously Darker Side to the Conveyancing Awards

A Consciously Darker Side to the Conveyancing Awards

An owner of a dog described as “an integral part of our family” is pleading for his return following what appears to be a theft at the Law Firm Services Conveyancing Conference and Awards Ceremony last week.

Whilst we are all aware that there are criminals within the conveyancing trusted community of professionals, we never really think of them as potentially sitting next to us at a conference.   Who were you sitting near?  Do you trust their ability to give you an undertaking safely? Could they have stolen a dog that afternoon?

Last Wednesday when many of us were putting on our black ties for the award ceremony there are suggestions that two delegates were seen running off with the dog.

Tim Higham of Trethowans Solicitors clearly saw the theft and said “A prank is one thing, but theft? We saw two men running with it under their arm through the door out of the table area towards the gents. So surely did many others, but I cannot put a name to them myself.”

The dog in question is one of the much loved plastic orange dogs of the Conscious team.  You can see just how much they mean to the Conscious team from the dog’s very own Pinterest page click here.

A photo reconstruction of where the dog may be now has been issued.

Despite being shown in the reconstruction Rob Hailstone claimed his innocence saying “Shocking, but should you be allowed to keep orange dogs if you can’t look after them! With a daughter who has a phobia of canines, I can almost prove my innocence. However by the time I hit the sack on Thursday morning I could see a whole pack of pooches not just two or three. I do hope you find the culprit before, he or she gets, deservedly, bitten on the ***!”.  Some may say he protests too much.

Other potential culprits denied their involvement with Mark Slade of Fidler and Pepper saying “Not guilty, in spite of my previous form Hope you find it”.

Details of Mark’s previous form/prank can be found on the Conscious blog.

Some commentators felt that there was no theft at all with Jackie Thorogood of STL Group suggesting other things that dogs do with each other might have played a part, and Karen Babbington suggesting she saw the dog chasing an orange cat.

Lawyer Checker is offering a reward of £25, which will be matched by Conscious Solutions for information leading to the recovery of the orange dog on the proviso that the reward is paid to charities which the LFS Awards supported this year.

Chris Harris of Lawyer Checker said “Whilst we usually try to help prevent criminals intervening in money flows we believe that even plastic dogs have feelings, I am sure this poor pup is missing his orange kennels, Come on fess up and let the poor dog home to its family”.

Chris Harris

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