65% of property professionals believe #brexit would be good for housing market

65% of property professionals believe #brexit would be good for housing market

Nearly two thirds of people who work in the property industry believe the UK leaving the EU would have a positive impact for the housing market.

However according to the survey conducted by My Home Move most voters are undecided on which way they’ll vote.

The majority also believe the government’s recent interventions into the market are the right thing to do. 85% of property professionals and 53% of movers say buy-to-let investors have been shutting out first time buyers.

However the majority also believe these measures are destined to fail. 81% of those int he industry and 49% of movers also believe the proportion of people owning their own home will continue to fall below the 2014 level of 63% despite these interventions.

The “Fresh perspectives” survey of 250 property professionals and their clients also looked at views on governemtn interventions into the housing market.

Nine out of ten of those working in property surveyed also believe the current lack of housing stock which dominates the market is the new normal.

Doug Crawford, CEO of My Home Move said: “The market has been suffering from a lack of stock and high house prices for several years, so we’re not surprised that those at the sharp end of the sector are frustrated by what has become the ‘new norm’.

“Recent Government changes to Stamp Duty, alongside schemes like Help to Buy, have kept the market going since the recession, but the findings from our survey would suggest that those closest to the market are seeking even more intervention to shake things up. Nearly two-thirds of the estate agents and brokers surveyed believe leaving the EU would be positive for the housing market; and 85% of home movers are seeking greater Government assistance for those trying to move up and down the housing ladder.

“However, despite the recent policy move to tax additional home buyers, as a way of encouraging more first-time buyers onto the market, there remains a level of scepticism that home ownership levels will rise above the current level by 2025, suggesting that without intervention market conditions would worsen and Generation Rent would become an even greater reality for many more people.”

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