Month: October 2016

Legislation & Litigation Property Market

Office for National Statistics release housing summary measures analysis from

Providing a broad overview of the availability and affordability of privately owned and social housing for local authorities in England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released their latest report on the analysis of 16 housing summary measures. These measures include data from multiple sources and provide a summary of recent trends […]Read More

Environment Insight

Shoreham Cement Works

Driving down the A283 towards Shoreham you may have noticed the hauntingly beautiful buildings of the former Shoreham Cement Works. Although partially derelict, the smashed windows, crumbling silos and rusted metalwork tell a story about West Sussex’s industrial significance. Cement Production The production of cement begins with the quarrying of raw materials including limestone, clay […]Read More

Firms & People

Free London CPD event: Driving Profitability through change

On Tuesday 15th November, InfoTrack are hosting a free CPD event in their new London office where a number of industry thought leaders will discuss ‘Driving Profitability through change’. The event will be comprised of a series of short presentations designed to provide insight, empowering conveyancers and their firms. Each 15 minute presentation will be […]Read More

Legislation & Litigation Professional Indemnity

Data published ahead of SRA insurance consultation

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has published analysis of professional indemnity insurance trends for law firms. The analysis will be used to inform the development of proposals for changes to minimum cover requirements. Data was collated after initial plans to alter the minimum terms and conditions were put on hold because the Legal Services Board […]Read More