Winzest Consulting launches to provide extra support to legal firms to deliver better outcomes to consumers

Winzest Consulting launches to provide extra support to legal firms to deliver better outcomes to consumers

Winzest Consulting has today announced the launch of its regulatory compliance consulting services to legal service providers.  It will be led by Victor Olowe who was formerly Chief Executive of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).  
Victor Olowe explains the thinking behind Winzest Consulting:
“The launch of Winzest consulting is informed by the experiences in other regulated industries similar to legal services where businesses have often struggled to keep up and take advantage of the growing demands of regulation.  In addition, as I have monitored the ongoing key developments in the legal services market, it became clear that there is going to be growing demand for consulting support in the coming years.”
As there is increasing expectation of higher standards from legal services providers there is a need for a shift in approach to managing compliance and demonstrating that to the regulators.  The aim of Winzest is that it will meet the growing demand for consulting support from legal firms as they face complex challenges, particularly the need to proactively manage regulatory risks across their organisations.
Victor Olowe added:
“Although there are a number of good consultancies operating in this space there are opportunities to build a national regulatory compliance consultancy that is able to serve the diverse needs of legal firms.
“My aim is to create a consulting business with a culture of customer service, mutual respect and focused on adding value to its clients by leveraging regulatory compliance for competitive advantage.”
The consultancy will operate in all sectors of the legal services market, particularly where legal firms are subject to outcomes focused and principles based regulation.
Victor Olowe said:
“I am excited by our delivery model which is focused on building the right team for our clients through strategic partnerships with highly experienced associate consultants who understand regulation and legal firms and possess a track record of achievement in regulatory compliance.”
The services that will be offered by Winzest are strategy, performance improvement, assurance and training.  The services can be used to provide additional specialist support to the senior leaders of legal firms including their existing compliance teams and can help on projects in times where resources are stretched and provide additional independent expert advice where needed.
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