What does it take to be a good locum?

What does it take to be a good locum?

Paul Murden provides locum conveyancing but don’t worry he won’t just “walk away” at the end of an assignment:
“People often remark to me that being a locum means that when you finish an assignment you just walk away and forget about it.
Nothing could be further from the truth and here’s why:
A good locum will want to demonstrate a high level of competence to any firm using their services. The reasons are obvious. Apart from the professional reasons there will be the desire for repeat business and there will be subsequent communications with the professional client. That’s a continuing involvement.
Even if the assignment is a short one, the locum will want and frequently does establish a relationship with members of the organisation where he/she is working. The job is well suited to those that are able to generate good interpersonal relationships and frequently they will prove to be rewarding and useful long after the assignment has finished.
Here are ten top qualities a legal locum should have:
1. Total professional competence.
2. Ability to work and communicate effectively with all levels of personnel within an organisation.
3. A professional but friendly approach to the firm’s clients. The firm’s goodwill is one of the responsibilities of the locum.
4. The ability to quickly adapt to a methodology of working in the house style. The permanent staff need to understand and assimilate the file after the locum has left.
5. A preparedness to make themselves available after the assignment. True, the only communications a locum truly wants to receive are ones about repeat business but a preparedness to discuss matters later will help achieve this.
6. A willingness to pass on acquired knowledge for the benefit of a professional client. The locum is not in competition and providing confidentiality or copyrights are not issues then useful hints and tips may be appreciated (but not always!)
7. Discretion. You get to know a lot about practices which are not best known by other practices.
8. A sympathetic ear. It’s amazing who pours out their woes to you.
9. A thick skin. It’s easy to blame someone who won’t be around later even if it wasn’t their fault.
10. Resilience. No matter how horrible the assignment might be you might just need to work there again.
No, locums don’t just walk away.”
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