Time to engage with your other conveyancing client?

Time to engage with your other conveyancing client?

The Council of Mortgage Lenders is holding a conference on the 1st December 2011 called “Shaping the Future of Conveyancing” and sponsored by xit2.  Given lenders are your clients shouldn’t you attend?
Michael Coogan who was the previous Director General of the CML is chairing the event and we have recently spoken to him.
Michael is keen to create a positive dialogue between lenders and conveyancers directly to help each group understand the challenges that the other is facing with a view to creating a better outcome for consumers.
In our opinion when one of your largest client groups holds a conference about the future of the way they engage with you that is a very large reason to attend, engage and try to create a better future for all parties.
The CML points out that ”The impact of the credit crunch on the mortgage books of lenders has had a significant effect on lenders’ view of the current conveyancing process. Lenders are open to new ways of ensuring that the process is more streamlined, cost effective and as risk free as possible.
Conveyancers have reacted with various approaches including the CQS but has this reaction been too little too late?
Reduced mortgage transactions and the efficiency of the ‘market’ has already had an effect on the conveyancing market place as individual lenders continue to decide how to manage their panels of conveyancing firms. With the number of firms doing conveyancing dropping, and the potential of different types of businesses stepping into the market place, the future make-up of the sector makes for a blurry picture.
In short, it is very likely that the world of conveyancing and the approach taken by lenders and customers will look very different in the coming months and years.
At this major new CML conference the mortgage lending and conveyancing industry will be brought together to discuss and try to shape that future.”
Today’s Conveyancer is a media partner for the event and the speakers include.
Panel management solutions – Mark Blackwell, managing director, Xit2
What will separate representation mean for the lender / customer, and how will it shape the market? Jennifer Bourne, senior policy adviser, Council of Mortgage Lenders
Conveyancing’s fraud risk profile Alison Clair, manager secured fraud external relations, Retail Mortgage Financial Crime, Lloyds Banking Group
Restricted panel model – Alan Cleary, managing director, Precise Mortgages
Future of conveyancing – panel session of market participants including: Edward Goldsmith, senior partner, Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
The Scottish conveyancing environment – Graeme McCormick, managing partner, Conveyancing Direct
The impact of new Alternative Business Structures – Victor Olowe, chief executive, Council for Licensed Conveyancers
The future conveyancer landscape – the conveyancer view: Julian Sampson, partner, Wright & Wright Solicitors
Insuring the market – Matthew Young, policy director, ABI
To learn more and book follow this link.
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