SRA important phone numbers change

SRA important phone numbers change

The SRA will change some important telephone numbers in the first week of June.

On Thursday June 5 the Contact Centre, Professional Ethics number and the confidential reporting line Red Alert will replace the 08 at the beginning with 03.

A message will play when users attempt to call on the 08 number, advising them to redial with the 03 prefix, which the Authority plans to leave for an indefinite time.

Firms with the SRA’s contact details on their website need to change them to the new but existing printed materials with the contact details do not need to be changed as the re-direct message will be in place.

The change is being made in compliance with European Union Consumer Rights Directive that states calls to customer helplines must be charged at no more than the basic rate.

Charges for calls to 03 numbers are the same as for calls to standard UK landline phone numbers and are included in mobile phone call packages as a landline number.

The new numbers will be: Contact Centre: 0370 606 2555 Professional Ethics helpline: 0370 606 2577 Red Alert: 0345 850 0999

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