Shrewsbury town council reclaims mistakenly sold land for £1.34m

In a move to rectify a previous oversight, Shrewsbury Town Council has repurchased a portion of Greenfields recreation ground for £1.34 million.

Originally sold in 2017, the sale was later invalidated by the Supreme Court following a concerted effort by local residents. Council leader Alan Mosley emphasized the collaborative approach moving forward, stating that the community would have a say in the land’s future use.

Mosley outlined the current proposal to transform the area into a nature recovery and countryside site, reflecting the council’s commitment to environmental stewardship. He acknowledged the past misjudgement, noting that the land had been mistakenly deemed surplus to requirements at the time of sale.

Clarifying the council’s initial intention, Mosley explained that the sale proceeds were intended to support the development of town council facilities, specifically in the Bagley area and other parts of town. Importantly, he assured that the sale did not entail further dispositions of Greenfields land.

The council underscored its implementation of stringent policies and guidelines to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Additionally, it disclosed that the repurchase cost, netting at £600,000 after factoring in interest from the original sale proceeds, would not result in tax increases for residents. The council expressed intent to pursue compensation from liable parties for the 2017 errors, aiming to mitigate the financial impact further.

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