SEO Adrian Lamb leaves Optima – 8th June 2010

SEO Adrian Lamb leaves Optima – 8th June 2010

Optima Legal has announced that Adrian Lamb is no longer their Chief Executive.
Their short statement reads:-
"Adrian Lamb has left Optima Legal after four years as Chief Executive, in order to pursue new challenges. He has overseen a period of dramatic growth for us, culminating in a top 100 law firm ranking and has been a valued colleague. We wish him well. We have decided not to appoint a new Chief Executive and instead share the strategic planning responsibilities for our business between our senior Board team, primarily Mark Buxton, Philip Robinson and Anthony Ruane."
Adrian helped DLA sell its bulk conveyancing and litigation to Optima before joining Optima. He is well respected by those that know him in the market and the departure does not appear to have been expected.
Many conveyancers will know Optima as the business that has chased them in respect of late registrations on behalf of lenders and the policy to seek to charge firms for Optima’s time.  Optima not only chases conveyancers but has a sizeable business processing considerable numbers of remortgage transactions, it conducts mortgage repossession work and offers a number of similar bulk services to lenders.  During Adrian’s time as Chief Executive other competitors like Hammonds Direct have ceased to trade in the conveyancing sector and Optima have become a one of a small number of dominant firms providing bulk legal services to lenders.
Optima seems always to have been built with the Legal Service Act and Alternative Business Structures in mind. At this time with only a few months potentially left to go it many will wonder why he is leaving.

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