Scam Alert Round up 31st May

Scam Alert Round up 31st May

Here are the latest scam alerts as issued by the Solicitors regulation Authority

Emails from “Hamil Butt”

Members of the public have received emails from a “Hamil Butt” claiming to be from various firms. The emails come from [email protected] (claiming to be from “Elizabeth Hardy & Co”), [email protected] (claiming to be from “Klopp Solicitors LLP”) and [email protected] (claiming to be from “Lee & Co. Solicitors”).

All the telephone numbers 01628-675777 and +44 0161 200 1700, the fax number 41628-638666 and the address 22 York Road, Liverpool, ASL 785, DX4407 Yorkshire.

The SRA does not authorise or regulate firms called “Elizabeth Hardy & Co”, “Klopp Solicitors LLP” and “Lee & Co. Solicitors”, nor does it authorise and regulate an individual by called “Hamil Butt”. “Lee & Company” are a genuine firm but say they have no connection with these emails.

Emails have also claimed to be from “Canning & Company” and “Brady Solicitors Limited” with neither of these two firms saying they have any connection with these emails.
Certificated stamp in name of “Lamberts Solicitors”

A bank has received a fraudulent loan application in the name of Lamberts Solicitors. The stamp gives the address 1 The Shambles, Sevenoaks, TN13 1LL and telephone number 01322250052. The stamp is purportedly signed by “Alan Lamberts”.

The SRA does not authorise or regulate a law firm called “Lamberts Solicitors” or an individual called “Alan Lamberts.” Berry & Lamberts Solicitors have a branch office address at 1 The Shambles, Dorset Street, Sevenoaks, TN13 1LL. They have confirmed that they do not employ an individual called “Alan Lamberts” and that they have no connection with the stamp and document referred to above.

Short hold tenancy agreements misusing Andersons Solicitors branding.

A short hold tenancy agreement has been received by a member of the public reportedly prepared by Andersons Solicitors. The agreement most recently seen by the SRA includes a date of 1 June 2016 and an SRA number 46140. However the Andersons Solicitors of that number closed in 2013.

There is another genuine firm by that name however they say they have no connection with the tenancy agreement.

Emails misusing the name Trowers & Hamlins LLP.

The SRA say they have seen an email from a Willi Hager ” from “Trowers & Hamlins Solicitors”concerning an investment opportunity. It came from “[email protected]” and gives the address: Heron House, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 5HD, United Kingdom.

Trowers & Hamlins LLP are a genuine firm who say they do not employ any such individual and are unconnected with these emails.

Emails using the name “Mancini Business law

The SRA say they have seen emails from a “Barrister Patrick Wilson” from “Mancini” or “Mancini Business Law” and refer to a sum of money the recipient may be entitled to. The emails come from a address however the genuine firm Mancini Legal Ltd use addresses from

Mancini Legal Ltd say they do not employ anyone by the name of Patrick Watson and have no connection with these emails.

Unsolicited calls from “Highway Law Ltd”

A member of the public has reported receiving a call from a firm named “Highway Law” based on Wilmslow Road in Manchester with telephone number 0203 1294936, relating to an accident. However the SRA say they regulate no such firm.

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