SaaS company introduces ‘The Property Passport’ app

Openproperty®, a UK-based SaaS company focused on the property industry, has announced its latest development: the Property Passport.

The passport has the ability to save valuable time, streamline the entire buying and selling process and ultimately, they say.

Buyers and sellers are the “primary target” for the Property Passport, aimed to ease the collection of work for both sides of the sale. SaaS company said that this platform is for those seeking transparency, efficiency, and peace of mind throughout the transaction process.

The Openproperty® network, which will act as the source for vital property data, is also set to support those involved in the process. Estate agents can streamline workflows, differentiate themselves and enhance client satisfaction, and solicitors can gain access to comprehensive property information to expedite transactions and provide enhanced services, they state. Maxine Wilson, founder and CEO at Openproperty®, said:

“The property market in the UK has been plagued by inefficiencies and a lack of transparency for far too long. Openproperty® was founded with a clear mission: to streamline and simplify the property buying and selling process. The Property Passport represents the culmination of this vision, offering a comprehensive store of essential property information in a user-friendly digital format.”

With the Openproperty® network and Property Passport, we are empowering buyers, sellers, estate agents, solicitors, and other industry professionals with instant access to crucial property data, accelerating transactions and enhancing the overall experience.

Thank you to the team at Coventry University who laid the foundation for this transformative project and developed the open property network. The upcoming launch of the Property Passport reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change within the property industry.”

For more information about Openproperty®,  visit:

2 Responses

  1. Once more a product appears claiming it will
    ‘Transform the market’

    This is silly.

    The law tech sector’s relentless hype is a complete turn off. But in any event no solicitor in light of 1500 pages plus of AML guidance will rely on such a product.

  2. Is it now mandatory that every new lawtech product claims to possess the ability to “transform” “revolutionise” etc the property market/conveyancing process? The hyperbole is tiresome.

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