OneSearch Direct well on way to 2 million searches

OneSearch Direct well on way to 2 million searches

OneSearch Direct, since their launch in January 2002, have successfully processed more than one million Personal Local Authority Searches, the one million barrier being smashed in December 2009, around 390 Personal Local Authority Searches per day.
OneSearch Direct are looking forward to continuing their current success and also providing conveyancers with the ‘accurate, speedy and cost effective Personal Local Authority Searches they require’.
While recognising that size isn’t everything OneSearch Direct do believe that it is their scale that has helped them to develop a degree of expertise in the field.  This is surely reflected in the company’s claims record, currently less than 0.007 per cent of searches found to be inaccurate.  When looking at the volume of searches carried out this translates into such a tiny proportion that OneSearch Direct should be very proud of their service levels.
According to OneSearch Direct each Local Authority is processing an average of 2,000 searches per year, based on the figures seen above that equates to around 140,000 less than OneSearch Direct.  Impressive statistics.
Finance & Commercial Director, Michael Tolland, had this to say:
“We are delighted to announce that we have successfully processed more than one million personal local authority searches since launch in January 2002. This landmark figure was reached in December 2009, and is testament to the loyalty and hard work of our staff and the support and trust of all of our customers.
Our volumes compare with an estimated average annual volume of less than 2,000 searches per local authority.  As a result, we like to think that OneSearch Direct are the real authority in local searches”.
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