Land Registry Update: Registration of company charges

Land Registry Update: Registration of company charges

The Companies Act 2006 (Amendment of Part 25) Regulations 2013 came into force yesterday, the 6 April 2013. From this date charge information can be filed electronically with Companies House.

The change will also affect the way you lodge an application to register a charge with Land Registry.

Companies House will now; provide an electronic certificate of registration for all charges filed electronically, no longer crown stamp deeds for customers who make submissions to file charges as they will now require a certified copy of the deed.

When you apply to register a charge with Land Registry you will need to include the following with your application;

  • The original charge (and certified copy if you want the original returned to you) or a certified electronic copy of the original charge if lodging the application through e-DRS (see Note).
  • A copy of the certificate of registration issued by Companies House. This will be an electronic copy if you lodge the application through e-DRS or a paper copy of the certificate when sent by post. The paper copy does not need to be certified
  • A certificate or the conveyancers/lender’s written confirmation that the charge lodged for registration is:
  • The original charge of which a [redacted] copy [under section 859G of the Companies Act 2006] has been filed at Companies House
  • The charge to which the accompanying certificate of registration relates

If you have any queries, please contact Land Registry Customer Support on 0844 892 1111.

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