Land Registry figures show strong start to year

Land Registry figures show strong start to year

The Land Registry has released figures for those organisations that hold accounts with them, showing their activity for February 2013.

Information relating to applications for transfers for value (i.e. an approximation of purchase activity) shows a substantial year on year increase in the number of applications.

In February 2012, 51101 applications were made for transfers for value whilst in the same period for 2013 a total of 58346 applications were lodged.

Despite many firms concerns about panel sizes, there are still considerable numbers of firms operating. The number of total firms making applications fell only slightly from 4447 to 4384 in the same period.

There was no change at the top with myhomemove, Countrywide and O-Neill holding steady as the top three.

In fact most firms stayed reasonable stable.

Eversheds LLP were one notable exception to this, with the firm experiancing significant growth over the last year.

They have risen from 32nd in terms of volume at 120 last year, to 6th in the list at 356 this year.

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