HS2 conveyancing report

HS2 conveyancing report

On November 21st, GroundSure will release GroundSure HIGHSPEED 2, a search report that clearly identifies whether a property is near the proposed route of HIGHSPEED 2 (HS2).  This new unique report searches properties within a 2000m radius, which is double the distance offered by other similar searches.
One of the major infrastructure projects of 21st century in Britain; HS2 is expected to dramatically change the country’s economic geography. 
The construction work will span over 8 years, with the route expected to be open early 2026.  Significant disruptions are likely to affect a number of residential properties in the zone of the HS2 route, for the duration of the construction phase and once the route opens. When HS2 will be fully operational, up to 14 trains an hour in each direction will be operating, carrying up to 1,100 passengers at speeds of up to 225 mph. 
Residential purchasers and their solicitors must be aware that local authorities will only provide information on properties located within a 200m radius of the proposed route.
The HS2 link has the potential to affect properties both positively and negatively, beyond a 200m radius. Some may benefit to be located near the rail link for example in areas where the line will be belowground. Others may see their property values drop, and real occupiers may endure day-to-day inconveniences. Only a GroundSure HIGHSPEED 2 report will deliver the necessary insight for property professionals and their clients to make an informed decision.
The GroundSure HIGHSPEED 2 report answers three essential questions: 
1. What is the nearest distance between the property and the rail link within a 2000m radius? 
2. What is the maximum speed of the train at the nearest point (data unavailable in other similar searches)?
3. What is the distance to the nearest overland and belowground line location?
“GroundSure is committed to deliver innovative products to property professionals, with a strong emphasis on using the most accurate and current data available. The HS2 link will affect a very extensive area of the West Midlands in the next 15 years and beyond, and many properties will be at risk. For peace of mind and to check how this may likely impact a specific property and its inhabitants, we recommend the GroundSure HIGHSPEED 2 report,” comments Dan Montagani, MD of GroundSure.
The report is suitable for residential and commercial properties.
RRP: £15.00 + VAT 

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